Pete's Post is a postal brand within The New Zealand Mail Group. Pete's Post began back in 2001 as an alternative postal network. From its small beginnings in regional North Island cities and towns, Pete's Post grew to be one of the most recognised alternative postal provider brands in New Zealand. As a leading Postal Operator we offer a comprehensive range of postal services and products to businesses. Pete's Post is a registered postal operator specialising in Postage Included Envelopes. Our Access Agreement with New Zealand Post allows our mail products to be lodged in any New Zealand Post street receiver / mail boxes or mail centres for nationwide delivery.

In 2012 the Pete's Post brand was purchased by New Zealand Mail Group.

Pete's Post Products and Services

Pete's Post Custom Printing Service

Get your brand noticed, personalise your envelopes by printing on your company details or logo right on the front of your envelopes.


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Pete's Post

Pete's Post is part of The New Zealand Mail Group – New Zealand's largest independent provider of postal services.