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Marketing your business


Deliver your brand with Pete's  Post

With Pete’s Post pre paid envelopes, printed with your logo, turn the postal service into a marketing tool. When you post envelopes printed with your brand, you’re exporting your brand across the country with Pete’s Post – the trusted postal operator since 1999.

Use Pete’s Post postage included envelopes to send your brand nationwide. With Pete’s Post envelopes you get pre paid envelopes that can be dropped into any NZ Post street receiver or mailbox for delivery with confidence. Competitive pricing and products businesses need – rely on Pete’s Post to deliver.


Envelopes printed with your brand

Pete’s Post postage included envelopes, printed with your brand, can deliver your message across town and across the country. Emails are deleted with a click, but Pete’s Post envelopes are virtually always opened. The NZ postal service has over a century of history and knowledge and that is why a letter is hard to ignore. Make Pete’s Post work for you.

Pete’s Post envelopes are affordable pre paid envelopes printed with your logo – with sizes and products to suit all business needs:


Pete's Post envelopes sizes:

  • E13/C9 envelope 165 x 92m- Window/Non Window – Self Seal
  • C6 envelope 165 x 114mm Window – Self Seal
  • DLE envelope 225 x 114mm (standard business envelope) - Window/Non Window - Self Seal
  • Maxpop envelope 235 x 120mm - Window/Non Window – Tropical Seal
  • Fastpost DLE envelope 225 x 114mm – Window / Non Window – Self Seal
  • C5 envelope 229 x 162mm – Non Window – Self Seal
  • C4 envelope 324 x 229mm – Window / Non Window – Peel and Seal
  • E35 envelopes 381 x 254mm – Non Window – Self Seal