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Public Contract

Delivery of Postal Items

Pete’s Post is a divisoin of New Zealand Mail which is a registered postal operator in accordance with the Postal Services Act 1998.

New Zealand Mail has an Access Agreement with New Zealand Post for delivery nationwide of all our postal products and services and therefore the terms and conditions of the “Postal Services Act 1998” and the conditions of the “New Zealand Post Public Contract” govern and apply to all services provided by Pete’s Post.

We will use reasonable care and skill to provide our services to you. You agree to pay us the full price for all of our services. We will deliver postal items, correctly addressed to addresses within the delivery network, which comply with the requirements set out in our Postal Users’ Guide.

You also agree to ensure all items bear the correct postage value for the service provided.
That delivery address is legible, including the correct postcode and a return address included on all mail.

You agree not to give us for delivery any item that:

  • is illegal, explosive, dangerous or destructive to send.
  • is inadequately packaged, or contains anything that is capable, as packed, of causing injury, or damage to property.
  • Contains cash

Unless we consent in writing, you agree not to give us for delivery any item which is:

  • fragile, perishable or high risk (including any travellers cheques, stamp, voucher, deed, negotiable instrument (including any bearer security, bill of exchange, or uncrossed cheque), bond or share, credit or bank card, bullion, precious metal or stone, jewellery, watch, any collectable or antique or any painting, sculpture or other work of art); or
  • a postal item with a value of over $NZ250.00.

If you give us for delivery any postal item referred to above, or in any other way you do not comply with the Postal users Guide:

  • you understand that we and our employees and agents are not liable to pay any compensation to you for any loss or damage to, or delay in delivery of, that item;
  • you agree to pay us for any resulting liability, costs, damage or lass of any kind.

Except as set out above and detailed further in our Postal Users Guide and subject to the Consumers Guarantees Act 1993 (where applicable), we have no liability to you for any direct or indirect loss, damage, cost or delay however it arises (including as a result of intentional acts or negligence by us).

You agree that, where you acquire goods or services from us for the purpose of your business, the provisions of the Consumers Guarantees Act 1993 which would otherwise apply to the supply by us of any of our goods and services to you, do not apply.

The Postal Users Guide forms part of this Public Contract and can also be viewed on this website.